1 year in Britomart

Can you believe it’s been one year since we closed the doors to our beloved High Street offices and moved to Britomart? Neither can we. But we’ve quickly grown in to what once seemed like a vast space, and we’re definitely enjoying the waterfront views (and air conditioning)!

In the last Britomart magazine (Summer, ’15/’16, free and out now) Jane Langley came in for a gawk at our space, shares a little bit about what the do with the rest of the ‘hood, and has a Q&A with Andrew. You can have a gawk here too.

Flick to page 14 for the TRA story

Flick to page 14 for the TRA story


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A very warm welcome to Rebecca and Sarah

Recent graduates, and now new employees, Rebecca Hughes and Sarah Wright (L-R)

Recent graduates, and now new employees, Rebecca Hughes and Sarah Wright (L-R)

This week we had two new faces and names to learn at once (oh my!) when recent research graduates Rebecca Hughes and Sarah Wright joined the research team.

Rebecca graduated from the University of Auckland last year majoring in Marketing and Information Systems. In her spare time she enjoys going on road trips with friends around New Zealand to discover new and beautiful places. She’s also a keen international traveller and loves experiencing different cultures and local food.

Fresh from the mighty Waikato, Sarah majored in Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Waikato. In her leisure time she is an avid cook and enjoys fitness, languages and music.     

Welcome to the, er, rough and tumble (?!) world of research and insights ladies, we are very happy to welcome you to the TRA family!

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Adding the sparkle to immersion research

Adding the sparkle to immersion research_Cover image

On Tuesday Colleen presented her conference talk on immersion research at the Festival of #NewMR. Fancy hearing what she had to say? Watch the webinar here.

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Are Aucklanders obsessed with property?

A little feature in the NZ Herald from our work for Barfoot & Thompson last year as they launch their new app: 

Real estate mania is a feature of Auckland life. Photo / Shutterstock

Real estate mania is a feature of Auckland life. Photo / Shutterstock

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Well hello 2016!

4 in 7 TRA-ers are there to actually watch the tennis

4 in 7 TRA-ers are there to actually watch the tennis…

Despite being caught on TV watching the ASB Classic, the TRA team is actually back at work this week, diving straight into a bunch of exciting new projects. We’re all rested and refreshed, and we hope you had a good break too. So give us a call, or drop by for a coffee – we look forward to catching up!

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A very warm welcome to Olga Balbekova!


New Senior Consultant Olga Balbekova

Our newest Senior Consultant Olga 

Olga brings to us her client-side experience in insights and strategy, joining the TRA team as a Senior Consultant. She has a diverse background across various industries and roles, most recently holding the position of Global Insights Manager at Fonterra. Olga has been in New Zealand for the past four years enjoying the beautiful outdoors, doing as many Great Walks as possible, running, and spending time on the beach. She also has a big love for animals and is a regular Auckland SPCA volunteer. Welcome to the team Olga!

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Hope for the future at Global Qualitative Conference 2015


Despite the tragic events that had struck the city just days earlier, Jennifer Arrington (of Tonic Insight writing for Research-live.com) gives an interesting, and sobering, overview of the Global Qualitative Conference that was held in Paris earlier this week, where our very own Colleen Ryan was presenting on ‘Adding the sparkle to immersions research’.

“We started the conference with a discussion of laughter and happiness, and I found particularly interesting the idea that humour can disrupt System 1 thinking and force a more conscious evaluation. Brands have been doing this for years of course, with varying appeal, but a reminder of the value of laughter was certainly welcome on Monday morning. And given the continued relevance and prevalence of Behavioural Economics throughout the event, a nice reminder that it isn’t just a set of tools and theory, but an invitation to entertaining practical applications.

Another example [of this] I loved was from TRA in New Zealand who built a fully interactive online magazine for a syndicate of clients to help them get to know their audience better – immersion and ethnography carefully curated and disseminated via the web and a printed magazine, rather than a PowerPoint deck.”

Read the full story here.


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TRA on the world stage in Paris with the award winning Listening Project

We are proud to be presenting with our client, Air New Zealand, at the ESOMAR Global conference in Paris, showcasing The Listening Project – a pioneering immersion research programme. ESOMAR have selected our paper for its alignment with the conference theme of COOL, COLLABORATIVE, CREATIVE.

Customer focused companies have a pressing need to get close to their customers to gain an authentic understanding of who they are. There is growing recognition that customers aren’t single dimensional ‘buyers’ of their products and services, but have whole 360-degree lives, which provide the context for their decision-making.

Understanding ‘who they are’ is the combination of three main influences:

  1. Their individual DNA – activities, anxieties, frustrations, excitements and dreams
  2. The influence of other people in the social context of their lives, and
  3. The cultural context – both traditional cultural mores and current trends

Our Listening Projects are syndicated across multiple clients, ensuring a broad based lens and creative, interactive output designed to bring the story of customers to life. We have now completed three Listening Projects in New Zealand covering Millennials, Young Families and SME business.

If you want to know more, or are interested in finding out more – get in touch.

Stream TRA’s paper from Paris if you are awake at 5am Tuesday morning NZ time: https://www.esomar.org/events-and-awards/events/global-and-regional/global-qualitative-2015/global-qualitative-2015_live-tv.php


Not a shabby place to work!

Smiley partners at teh Kennexa Best Workplaces Awards night  - L-R - Andrew, Amber, Antony, Connon

Smiley partners at the Kennexa Best Workplaces Awards night – L-R – Andrew, Amber, Antony, Connon

So, we didn’t quite win this one, but we did do pretty darn well to be finalists in the 2015 Kennexa Best Workplaces Awards that were held at The Langham hotel last night. Not a bad result for our first time entering we thought! Andrew, Amber, Antony and Connon were stoked to see some of our clients take out top spots on the night as well – congrats go to MARS and VTNZ for being great places to work as well!

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Ben Fahy talks to Andrew and Luke about TRA in Wellington

We recently caught up with Ben Fahy from Stoppress to chat about the new TRA Wellington office and introduce our man on the ground, Luke Procter. Read the full story here.

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